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Medical Examination E-Commerce Website

About The Project

MeDiLa spol. s r.o. are a privately registered laboratory in the Czech Republic, offering medical examinations direct to businesses and the general public. They operate from seven sampling centres across the country, and offer an array of medical tests for a number of ailments to help provide peace of mind and early diagnoses of anything which may become a concern if delayed.

MeDiLa wanted to increase the visibility and accessibility of their services allowing medical testing to become a normal part of life, helping to ensure manageable conditions are identified early so people can get the treatment that they need.

MeDiLa spol. s r.o. are a sister company of Stapro s.r.o. for whom tsium have successfully delivered a number of previous projects. Stapro recommended using tsium to provide this solution and worked alongside MeDiLa throughout to drive the project forward.

The Solution

The team developed and continue to maintain an e-commence website that allows the general public the ability to book and pay for a number of varied examinations online. Users can browse the treatments available and add those that they want to their online basket, which they can edit at any time.

Once they are happy with their order they securely fill in their contact details and pay online. During checkout, customers can register or login to retain this order in their account histories, or use the quick checkout to bypass creating an account.

As soon as the payment is successfully processed a confirmation email is sent containing the invoice. This confirmation email includes a link to a secure page which allows the customer to select a date and location that suits them for each of the treatments they have purchased.

Once the tests are complete the system sends an SMS to the customer informing them that their results are ready. The message contains a secure link that is accessed using a PIN, allowing the customer to check themselves rather than having to wait for an appointment with a doctor. If the customer wishes they can also book a follow-up appointment at a laboratory to discuss their results.

Returning customers can securely access previous orders and invoices via their secure account facility.

The system integrates seamlessly into their core information system which handles orders, invoicing and stock.

Project Details


MeDiLa spol. s r.o.


E-Commerce Website


6 Months

Key Outcomes


  • It was developed using ASP.NET MVC.
  • The user-experience was achieved using JQuery and Bootstrap.
  • It integrates seamlessly into GoPay; a third party payment gateway for taking secure on-line payments.


  • It provides a beautifully clean and intuitive experience to the end user.
  • It has helped raise awareness to the availability of low cost private medical testing.
  • It generates dynamic invoices which it sends out with order confirmation emails.
  • Registered users have secure access to their entire order history including their invoices.


  • 6 months.

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