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Having developed systems for many businesses manufacturing a wide variety of products, we know that no matter what type of product you manufacture you strive for efficiency and visibility within your production process.

  • If you can’t quickly see the status and location of an item or know the capacity of any such order line, then you can’t successfully react to changes in the demand for your product.
  • If you don’t know the skill set and availability of your staff, then you can’t correctly predict the lead time of a sale.
  • If you aren’t monitoring quality checks in real-time, then you will be delayed in identifying common errors that would otherwise be quickly resolved.

We have already helped multiple businesses like yours address these issues by providing custom solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Whilst each organisation is different, there is always commonality between businesses, and this means that we are never starting from scratch when developing a new solution. This saves us time and you money.

We know that whilst the manufacturing process may be your core business, it isn’t the only aspect of your business. You still need to support your staff,  manage your customers, handle your sales, control your stock, maintain your assets, distribute your goods, and keep on top of your finances. All of these aspects come together to make up your business. They are not separate elements, and so they shouldn’t behave like they are.

In time, any system you use to control any aspect of your business will need to talk to the other systems which control the other aspects of your business. In most cases affordable off-the-shelf software will not do this.

This is why a custom solution is the right choice for now and the right choice for the future.

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Industrial Kitchenware Manufacturer

We developed a bespoke quality control and management system for a global industrial kitchenware manufacturer who needed to streamline their end of line testing and fault resolution process. The system allows engineers to log faults and related solutions on units, and restricts access based upon having the appropriate test certificates required for each model. It gives the management team real-time visibility of the end of line engineering process.


Construction Fleet Manufacturer

We updated and enhanced a custom dealer system for a leading construction fleet manufacturer, used to keep track of the distribution of the manufactured stock throughout over 60 sites globally. The system is used 24/7 which allows for zero downtime, and works in a multi-lingual environment meaning all aspects are translatable.


Clothing Manufacturer

We enhanced an in-house custom application to manage sales and distribution of clothes manufactured in the UK and sold around the world. The system accepts orders via the web, phone calls and mail order, and handles discounts, deliveries, and returns. This integrates with the stock control system to manage orders of hundreds of different lines of products and allows management to view real-time order activity to allow them to plan production cycles.

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