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Pilot Passport

About The Project

Heli Czech s.r.o. are a private registered helicopter flight company and aviation school based in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Heli Czech was born from a group of helicopter enthusiasts who flew from a young age and spent time flying for the Czech military. They operate across the Czech Republic and Slovakia through their sister company Heli Slovakia.

It is a legal requirement across much of Europe for helicopter pilots to keep a record of all of the flights and training they undertake, known as their pilot passport. This is to track that they have the correct certifications and undertake the minimum number of flight hours required to continue to qualify for their pilots licence.

Heli Czech wanted an affordable custom software solution to keep track of this information, and following a robust search for suitable providers, asked tsium to develop one for them.

The Solution

tsium delivered a custom on premises browser-based application to allow pilots to input their planned flight schedule, confirm flight details once complete, track mandatory breaks and validate each pilots ‘pilot passport’ based on the data entered into the system.

Following a well received initial delivery and having identified what a huge benefit a custom solution had been for their pilot passport administration, Heli Czech wanted to streamline other aspects of their operation. Since then the project has grown and a number of additional modules have been developed to extend and enhance the core functionality.

Firstly tsium provided a module for the administration of training courses and attendance tracking that Heli Czech provide. This keeps track of the course schedule, allows students to be added to a course, keeps track of the students attendance of each course and ultimate records student attainment. The system also automatically produces tailored PowerPoint presentations based on the course curriculum.

Following this tsium delivered a module to keep track of helicopter management and maintenance, including full service records and planned service inspections, and a module to keep track of warehouse stock, fuel and spare parts.

In addition to these new modules, the core administration system has been enhanced with the addition of management information and reporting.

Project Details




6 Months+

Key Outcomes


  • It is developed in ASP.NET MVC and connects to a SQL Server database.
  • The user-experience was achieved using JQuery and Bootstrap.


  • Following the initial project tsium have been awarded an extended support contract, and have been given multiple additional development projects to add new modules and enhancements.
  • It has been extended to cover flight and training planning and scheduling, helicopter maintenance, stock management, and document production.
  • It automatically generates PowerPoint presentations for daily briefings and stores additional training courses materials.
  • As with many European legal requirements, there are various country specific amendments, and as such the provided solution is tailored to the Czech and Slovak markets, but could be easily adapted for other European jurisdictions.


  • 6 months for the initial system, with an ongoing monthly maintenance agreement and additional development enhancements.

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