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No matter what type of role you fulfil and no matter what type of industry you are in, you are at your best when your software works for you.

  • If you don’t have all the answers immediately at your fingertips, then you’re wasting time working around your existing solution.
  • If you can’t intuitively see everything in real-time, then you can’t react to keep up with changes to the market.
  • If you can’t access all of your data at all times no matter where you are, then you can’t always make the correct business critical decisions.

We have already helped multiple businesses like yours address these issues by providing custom solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

We have experience working with specialist software providers and other specialists in industry to add value to their products and services. We know that you and your clients need expertly crafted accessible software, designed around the needs of the user. Off-the-shelf software will not do this.

This is why a custom solution is the right choice for now and the right choice for the future.

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Healthcare Information Systems

We redeveloped a number of systems provided to and used in Czech hospitals on behalf of a large healthcare solutions provider. The systems help the staff manage their patients needs. Below is a summary of the core systems we developed as part of this project.

Medical Mobile Client

We developed a mobile patient record delivery system for doctors doing rounds in Czech hospitals. The solution gives doctors secure instant access to relevant patient information as they move around the hospital, and allows them to add notes and prescribe medicine.

Medication Scanner

We developed a mobile application used to track the distribution of medication in Czech hospitals. It works by scanning both the patients identification tags and an identification code on the medication itself. This ensures the right patients get given the right medication, and keeps track of times and dosages for all patients medical histories.


Statistical Software

We worked with an expert in processing statistical software to create a cloud ready version of their flagship application. It works by allowing information to be imported in any form, and then it analyses the data to generate results in easy to read tables and charts. Moving from a windows application to one that runs in the browser allows the data to be viewed on a variety of device types, and helped them secure a contract with a leading global drinks manufacturer.



We developed and maintain an e-commence website which allows the general public the ability to book and pay for a number of varied examinations online. They select a date and location that suits them, and once tested are alerted when their results are ready. They can then securely log in to see them rather than waiting for an available appointment. The system integrates seamlessly into their core information system which handles order, invoicing and stock.

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