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We have developed systems for many businesses specialising in providing and distributing a wide variety of products and services, so we know that no matter your domain, you need full visibility to plan in advance, be responsive enough to adapt, and be a step ahead of the game.

  • If you don’t have full visibility of the people, stock and assets in your organisation, you cannot guarantee orders or schedule delivery.
  • If you rely solely on employees to plan logistics you will struggle to be responsive to real-time changes from customers and the unpredictable.
  • If you aren’t monitoring your business cycles you will be unable to identify where improvements can be made to your service.

We have already helped multiple businesses like yours address these issues by providing custom solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Whilst each organisation is different, there is always commonality between businesses, and this means that we are never starting from scratch when developing a new solution. This saves us time and you money.

We know that whilst supplying products and services may be your core business, it isn’t the only aspect of your business. You still need to support your staff,  manage your customers, handle your sales, control your stock, maintain your assets, and keep on top of your finances. All of these aspects come together to make up your business. They are not separate elements, and so they shouldn’t behave like they are.

In time, any system you use to control any aspect of your business will need to talk to the other systems which control the other aspects of your business. In most cases affordable off-the-shelf software will not do this.

This is why a custom solution is the right choice for now and the right choice for the future.

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Power Access Rental

We worked with the leading power access rental provider over a seven year period, developing and enhancing all of their key custom built systems which they continue to use to ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry around the world. Whilst their core business is the rental of power access vehicles, they also offer trained operators for specialist vehicles, handle the logistics around collections and deliveries, sell additional single-use items, and maintain their own fleet. Below is a summary of the work we did in each area.

Sales Order Processing

We redeveloped their in-house sales order processing system to better suit the flow between the customer and sales representative. This included adding a ‘sounds like’ algorithm when searching for contact names. We integrated an intelligent pricing feature to adapt the price according to a number of factors including the customers rating, availability, lead time, and location. We also integrated it into the systems listed below.


We enhanced the machine availability and transport modules to add flexibility to allow third parties to handle deliveries and collections at busy times whilst maintaining overall control of the process. We also added continuity planning for when customers finish orders early, choose to extend contracts, or move machines to a different site. This allows for seamless cross-site logistics, ensuring machines are always collected from the closest depot.

Engineering and Maintenance

We developed a management system for the fleets servicing and maintenance requirements. Both depot and field engineers have their schedules automatically planned based on their rosters, qualifications, and planned holidays. Qualified staff can easily adjust schedules manually if desired. As all machines are serviced at regular intervals it integrates into the stock control system to ensure that any parts knowingly required are available before scheduling takes place.

Stock Control

We enhanced the stock control system to add thresholds to automatically identify stock which needs to be ordered soon. The system tracks stock in multiple areas, and in varying quantities, and integrates into the sales order processing system and engineering system to help with availability planning and scheduling. It also integrates into the in-house finance system to automatically generate purchase orders.


We added additional reporting to their in-house custom finance system, and integrated it into the sales order processing and stock control systems. We also designed and created the documents relating to quotes, orders, deliveries, collections, invoicing, and purchase ordering amongst others which were generated via the connecting systems. These documents differed between country due to financial regulations and branding.


We enhanced their bespoke customer relationship management system to better serve the business at generating leads and ensuring relationships with existing contacts were maintained. To help it do this it integrates into the sales order processing system to track when customers request and accept quotes, and uses this data to create campaigns for driving new sales.

Lavendon now operate as part of the Loxam Group as Loxam Power Access.


Point Of Sales Software Provider

We developed and continue to maintain a mobile web application used for the servicing of cash registers and card terminals for a client who serves a large number of supermarkets across Europe. The application tracks the engineers location and allows data to be collected about the work undertaken at the customers site. As well as storing written information, the application enables the engineer to input photos, bar codes and signatures to accompany the workflow. All information is input real-time to allow the management team to keep track of each engineers progress at any point in the day.

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