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Training Passport

About The Project

Training Passport began its origins as a module in our bespoke ISO management solutions for SME’s. It was designed to help organisations log training being undertaken within the organisation and allow individuals to evidence their Continuous Professional Development. It has since been developed into a stand-alone SAAS solution for use independently of our ISO solutions.

Training Passport is currently being trialled within the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service) with the aim of reducing the administrative burden whilst increasing training accountability.

The Solution

Our Training Passport system allows individuals to log their attendance of coaching sessions, training seminars and practical sessions. This allows them to keep track of their Continuous Professional Development to evidence their competencies, and prove attendance of mandatory training for compliance.

It also allows organisations to satisfy corporate governance needs to evidence legal/regulatory training have been met and safeguard staff and those they interact with.

A presenter registers a session and then shares a link to it during a virtual meeting on a video meeting platform or as part of their presentation slides. The link has a unique QR code for easy scanning, and the attendees have access to an app to make this process quick and easy. The attendees can leave optional feedback which the presenter can use to improve their presentation for future sessions.

Subsequently the presenters have a full history of who has attended their sessions, and the attendees have a full history of all of the courses they’ve attended.

Project Details


6 Months+

Key Outcomes


  • Developed using .NET Core MVC.
  • A progressive web application was developed using the Blazor Framework.
  • The look and feel was achieved using a standards compliant theme based upon Bootstrap 5.


  • All of the training data is stored in encrypted database on Microsoft Azure cloud based servers residing wholly within the EU.
  • Microsoft Azure is approved as a cloud provider by the UK government and NHS.
  • Enterprise customers can opt for a partial or full white-labelled solution, hosted on sharded infrastructure.


  • The project took around 6 months from inception to initial delivery, whilst additional functionality is being regularly added.

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