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About The Project

Unsolicited phone calls have long been a problem all over the world. Whilst a number of poor quality phone number rating websites have for years faded in and out of existence, there has never been anything that goes that step further and automatically warns you about incoming calls. Starting as a side-project by one of our directors after being frustrated with the number of these calls he was receiving, the project gained traction and was brought in-house to become the success it is today.

The Solution

Phase one started in 2014 as a user friendly telephone spam checking website which works across multiple domains around the world. It maintains a common brand between countries to give peace of mind that the user is on a site they can trust; wherever they may be. Who Calls Me quickly grew into one of the leading spam checking websites across Europe.

Shortly after the sites were released, the development of a mobile app began. Currently accessible via Google Play across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, this native app integrates into the call receiver and displays alerts for phone numbers which are spam or may be nuisance calls before the recipient decides if to answer. It can also automatically block calls from persistent unwanted callers.

Key Outcomes


  • The website is built in ASP.NET MVC and uses a SQL Server database hosted in Azure.
  • The app has been written using Xamarin and uses a SQL Lite database for local storage.


  • The web site is mobile-friendly and is available worldwide but mainly used in Europe.
  • The app can be used to automatically block nuisance callers, or alert the user to numbers other users have found to be problematic.
  • The apps are currently available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and used by thousands of people.


  • 3 months for the initial website build and 2 months for the app. Occasional additions and improvements are ongoing.

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