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We deliver cutting edge solutions for market leaders around the world. From ERP to Health Care systems, Enterprise DBMS to Advanced Messaging; solutions tailored for all platforms. Our fundamental goal is to provide the perfect software solution that works for you.

tsium software

Developing effective software since 2010.

Are you tired of working around off-the-shelf software that wasn’t built with you in mind?

Do you have data strewn around documents and spreadsheets that make your life harder not easier?

Do you worry that the cost of a bespoke solution would spiral out of control?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

Who are we?
tsium software was established in 2010 with the idea to make software work for you. We know how hard it can be to commit to having a system written which will take months to complete and cost tens of thousands of pounds. That’s why we do things differently.

It’s always good to consider the big picture when designing a new system, but it’s also important to start small and deliver early. To this end we will encourage you to keep it simple early on. Our projects are delivered using an agile methodology, meaning we can keep you informed of progress at all times with regular communications and meetings.

Then, once we’ve proven ourselves with your first project, we know you’ll come back to us to add more features over time.

But surely this is a lot more expensive than buying a ready-made product and tailoring it to my needs?
Well in many cases that just isn’t true. When you buy off-the-shelf software you’re paying for a lot of functionality that you’re not using, and having to change the way you work to suit it. Then often you can’t have something changed to how you need it as it would affect other customers sharing the platform, or you would have to pay excessively and wait an age to be accommodated.

So how much are we talking?
We can deliver basic administration systems for only a few thousand pounds, which is less than the cost of many off-the-shelf products. The only difference is our solutions will be designed specifically for you. Then after this the system is yours and you won’t be charged licensing or subscription fees. We can also optionally arrange hosting, monitoring and backups for a low monthly fee.

How is that even possible?
Over the years we have developed a number of project for clients and for ourselves, and we have a fantastic suite of components in various technologies that we can reuse. We use common frameworks and templates to achieve rapid development meaning we can keep costs low.

Still not sure? Check out some of our other projects.
Want to learn more? Contact us now and one of our consultants will be in touch soon.

What We Do

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Our Portfolio


Our main aim is to provide perfect and reliable solutions for your needs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications targeting all device types using Xamarin or Android Studio.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

We provide bespoke business solutions for all of your needs using a variety of leading technologies.

Web Development

Web Development

We create responsive web applications for use with standards compliant browsers on any type of device.



We provide software engineers individually or in teams to help you fulfil in-house projects of all sizes.


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Just some of the technologies we regularly use.

Web Development


Given its popularity and the size of the community, we regularly develop web applications using the ASP.NET technology stack.

Groovy / Grails

We love Groovy and Grails. Groovy is 100% compatible with Java, and Grails is a Groovy Web Framework allowing for rapid development using all Java utilities and frameworks including Spring.

Web Standards

Web technologies are an ever-expanding breed, and we like to keep up-to-date. We always develop to the latest HTML and CSS standards, and use Javascript libraries to extend client side functionality. More commonly we will use jQuery, jQueryUI, and Bootstrap, but are open to new adventures.

SOAP / RESTful Web Services

We have worked on projects to deliver SOAP and RESTful web services using both ASP.NET and Java.

Mobile Applications


We have developed multiple Xamarin Forms Apps for varying application types.


We have delivered bespoke Android Applications which integrate with third party hardware.

Messaging and Integration

Rabbit MQ

A solid and well supported Open Source solution which we use in our own applications.

Sonic MQ/ESB

Our consultants previously developed a Sonic Solution to deliver real time B2B financial transactions.


Microsoft SQL Server

Used extensively with all our ASP.NET solutions where a database is required.


Our preferred Open Source database, used hand-in-hand with Hibernate for most of our Java based solutions.

Progress / OpenEdge

For legacy systems, we have a selection of very experienced developers skilled in all aspects of the Progress 4GL and OpenEdge.


Used inside our mobile developments for localised secure App storage.

Information Systems


To create rich desktop applications on the Windows platform, we design the UI with WPF and XAML technologies.

WinForms / .NET Framework

At the clients request we are also comfortable using the older WinForms technology based on the Microsoft .NET framework.

Our Clients

A few of the clients with whom we have collaborated.

STAPRO s.r.o.
INSICO spol.s r.o.

We respect our clients right to privacy, and as such not all clients are listed here.



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