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Market Leaders Use The Right Software

  • You want to increase productivity, improve visibility and better serve your customers.
  • You’re looking for software to streamline your business processes to achieve these goals.
  • Finding the right software can seem like an impossible task.

tsium software can help you obtain the right software in a number of different ways.



Helping you identify exactly what’s needed and ensuring you get what you need

Our consultants can help you identify the business processes you should streamline and automate to provide you with the biggest gains. Then help you navigate the minefield that is off-the-shelf software, or produce a specification for software built around your needs.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Building perfectly tailored robust and secure solutions on time and within budget

Our project team can develop custom software tailored to your business. All our developments are managed using agile principals which allows us to quickly adapt to changes, delivery early and keep costs to a minimum.



Analysing and developing integrated solutions for new and existing systems

Our architects can design and build integration solutions for your new and existing software, identifying the systems which lack the necessary interoperability that should be upgraded or replaced.



UK and EU developer resource, managed locally by responsive project managers

Our developers can be seconded to your own internal projects as additional resources. Whilst our developers work across the UK and Europe, all development resources are managed by local responsive project managers.

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Why tsium software?

tsium was founded in 2010 by three like-minded individuals, born out of the frustration of encountering under delivered projects and knowing it could be done so much better. We are passionate about starting small, delivering early and maintaining excellent communications channels throughout. Being agile in this way means you will always be kept up-to-date of progress, and will see results fast.

Our management team are degree educated technology specialists, pooling decades of experience working on and running projects of all size. They all have experience working on big ticket contracts for governments and FTSE 100 companies, and want to bring their experience to your business. You’re never too small to start thinking big.

We have successfully grown our business by focusing on the needs of our customers and ensuring we deliver robust scalable custom software on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on being flexible, knowledgeable and responsive to your needs, ensuring we provide the right advice to allow you to grow your revenue streams, reduce overhead, and create a competitive advantage.

All of our work is delivered in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we follow all appropriate standards related to the project at hand.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in Central Europe