Whilst we hope that everybody is able to function at full capacity during the current global pandemic, we are aware that many of you are not. So we thought we’d remind you of one of the services we offer. Dedicated Development Resource.

We don’t only manage the entirety of a specific project for our clients. We also provide both flexible and dedicated development resource for short term and long term projects. We require no minimum length of engagement, and will provide cover should a resource become unavailable. It also means than if one of our resources hasn’t worked on a specific product type, one of their colleagues will have and will be on hand to assist.

We can do this because of the structured way we have always worked at tsium.

Our developers work on both our own products and clients products. This allows us to prioritise our clients needs as and when they present themselves. All our developers are setup to work remotely, and we utilise all available technologies to stay connected. They are based in the UK, Central Europe, Australia and Japan, and all regularly collaborate on our various projects seamlessly.

If you want to find out more about how our flexible and dedicated development resources can help you, please give us a call or fill in the Contact Us form.